Monster Madness ::
Monster Madness
DirectX9 2005

An intense top-down 4-player shooter, Monster Madness uses the extensive physics capabilities and next-generation graphics of Reality Engine.

1. Zack's House PhysX Gameplay: 255MB DivX AVI
2. Campaign Gameplay: 199MB DivX AVI
3. Online Gameplay: 302MB DivX AVI

Game Demo ::
Frag Ilse
DirectX9 2004

A multiplayer game set on a fully realized remote island outpost, including a dynamic day/night cycle & weather. Available only in our evaluation kit.

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Backyard PRT Demo ::
Frag Ilse
DirectX9 2004

Running on a Radeon 9700 at 35 fps, this scene employs complex global illumination effects, such as soft-shadowing, interreflections, and subsurface scattering. Previously only possible using static lightmapping methods, these effects are modelled here in real-time using a technique known as precomputed radiance transfer. Reality's lighting model scales to previous and next-generation hardware, and is also scalable to moving and deformable objects, providing the ultimate solution for next generation games.

Medium Quality WMV (32MB) / Mirror
Low Quality WMV (16MB)

Haunted Mansion ::
Frag Ilse
DirectX9 2003

Our first release was a demonstration of a complete interior scene running on a standard Radeon 9700 graphics card, which runs at a sustained 40fps (slightly lower here due to video capture overhead). The demo illustrates the performance and features our engine can deliver on even modest platforms. As with all our media, there were no edits, external processing, "scripting", or special tweaks. This in-game footage includes demonstrations of per-pixel lighting, virtual displacement mapping, world shadowing, High-Dynamic Range Rendering, Blue-Shift, Post-Process spectral flares and glares, advanced rigid body physics, reflection mapping, dynamic projection mapping, rain & lightning effects, and various custom shaders.

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